12 Before 2012

I have established a list of 12 "goals" I wish to complete before we ring in the new year. To read the initial post outlining my goals, click here. For easier reference, I've created this page so you can come here and (hopefully) see progress as I complete each goal with links to details.

Without further ado, here is the list for reference:

  • Re-read the entire Harry Potter series (progress & progress)
  • Have an afternoon outing by myself- Go out for lunch and a movie shamelessly solo and enjoy it!
  • Finish the in-class portion to my final year of University 
  • Put $500 away for my “someday” fund
  • Lose my final 20 pounds for a total weight loss of 75 pounds (progress & progress)
  • Get professional photos taken 
  • Go to an antique flea market (like Aberfoyle) for an afternoon of inspiration and unique purchases - I went to St. Jacobs with my mom and sister and spent over an hour in an antique mall, wishing I could purchase so much more than I could afford. Read about that trip here. (I also went to Aberfoyle! Read about that in this post.) 
  • Bake a pie from scratch (pie crust, filling, and all!) without Mom’s help (read about that here)
  • Make some major decisions about where I want to be next year with my career (this obviously will be an ongoing process, but I want to have a semi-concrete idea about my plan by the end of this year)
  • Invest in a few high quality wardrobe staples (i.e., a pair of leather shoes, a structured handbag (read about that here), and tailored blazer or jacket (I purchased a wool peacoat for winter, and a jacket, read here) for pleasure and profession 
  • Get crafty! Make homemade bracelets like the ones here (I made some bracelets here), a necklace like this one, a DIY dry erase board, and other goodies that I come across in my travels (cough, cough Pinterest)
  • Attend a cultural event (like a symphony or a theatre production) ... and get dressed up! 

Wish me luck as the days of 2011 tick off the calendar!