Monday, August 22, 2011

newly acquired gems

This past weekend, I went with my mom to a local antique and general store. I always love looking at gems from the past because I imagine ways of incorporating them into the present. I was especially enamoured with their vast collection of vintage and unique jewellery and accessories. In fact, I purchased a few new pieces for my jewellery repertoire at a reasonable cost ($50)! I took some pics with my phone, and yes, I used "The Ellements of Personal Style" as a prop.

My new collection of jewels displayed on "The Ellements of Personal Style"--more on that book later!
Semi- precious gemstones with the beautiful Olivia Wilde in the background. 

In addition to purchasing some jewellery, I also bought a leather handbag... which, coincidentally, is structured- one of the items I planned to invest in, as stated on my 12 Before 2012 list! There was an adorable Louis Vuitton bag there screaming my name (Tiiiiiffany you know you want me!!), but one of the straps needed repair, and I am just not talented enough to fix it. Double sigh. I still adore the bag I ended up with. It's red. It's structured. It's leather. Perfect for school and work. Score! 
The brand is "Maxime"-anyone have info on that? 

For around $50, I got a leather handbag, two necklaces, one bracelet and three rings. Not bad! 

One final pretty from this weekend: my stack of bracelets, including the newest pink beaded on my mom bought for me! 

Have you acquired any new-to-you gems lately? How fun is antique shopping!? Happy Monday lovelies!

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