Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Natural Beauty

I believe that Mother Nature provides us with everything we need to look beautiful. We spend millions of dollars each year (myself included) on beauty products when in reality, all we need to do is raid our kitchen for some natural ingredients to make good, maybe even better beauty products. Here are some of the best "recipes" I've come across to solve beauty woes. 

Walnut scrub 
*to exfoliate hands and feet. 

Blend 1/4 cup shelled walnuts, 1/2 cup olive oil, tablespoon of honey in a food processor set on a slow speed, which makes a fine scrub to really slough off dead skin cells. Scrub it on your skin for a few minutes, rinse with warm water. This is my tip: Do this at nighttime, right before bed. After exfoliating your hands and feet, slather on vaseline or olive oil (a 95 year old family friend swears by this and has the skin of a newborn), and put on a thick pair of socks- even on your hands if you can stand it. Overnight, your feet will become impeccably soft in their soft sock cocoon. 


Oranges, Lemons, and acidic fruit 
*for your bendy joints
Acid in the fruit loosens dead skin cells... all you do is cut the fruit in half, and rub the half all over the area. Then scrub a mixture of sugar and olive oil (1/4 cup of each) onto the skin. Rinse with warm water, pat skin dry, and moisturize. 

*for hair

Make your own hairspray. Use lemons or oranges! Lemons are better for dry hair, and oranges prolong a strong hold. Chop the fruit in a bowl so you don’t lose any juice. Then, boil the fruit with 2 cups of water until soupy and the liquid has reduced significantly. Strain the liquid (through cheese cloth or something similar), and put that in a spray bottle. Because there is no alcohol in this spray, it will not dry out your hair. 


Coffee Grounds 
*for hair

Throw your used coffee grounds into your conditioner and it will make your hair extra shiny. 

Cucumbers, Potatoes or Tea Bags
*for dark under eye circles 

Apply a grated cold cucumber paste on dark circles. Repeat it for three mornings. Applying grated potatoes for 20 minutes also works. The age old trick of applying cucumber slices also is still quite effective. Slightly cooled tea bags on eyelids also is a remedy for dark circles. 

Other good websites to try out: 

Have you discovered any natural homemade beauty recipes? Do share!

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