Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Blues

Clockwise from left: OPI Nail polish in Breathe Life/IKEA Turquoise Candle/Forever 21 Bead& Feather Earrings/
Tiffany Cosmetic Bag/Steve Madden Pumps/Apartment Therapy 
Okay, I am seriously over winter. Here in the frigid North, winter seems to draw out over the course of half the year. I am yearning for warm days where I can wear footwear/clothing/accessories for fashion's sake instead of for utility! To help me escape the sub-zero temperatures for a few moments, I decided to dream about spring trends.... ahhhh. This spring, robin egg blue is a hot colour to try out, but I love turquoise just as much. My most coveted item in this list is the Tiffany's bag. It seems fitting that my parents named me after one of the most glamourous coveted, fabulous jewelry stores, as I have a certain panache for all things exquisite and beautiful. Perhaps one day I will be able to justify spending $150 on a cosmetic bag!  Until then, I will have to be content with satisfying my robin egg blue/turquoise craving through less expensive avenues...like with the earrings/candle/nail polish.
Until later, my lovelies xo 

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