Monday, February 7, 2011

February Love

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I'm not into the cheesy aspect of Valentine's, and because I'm single, there's a certain disdain I hold for this day, just because I have to watch other people engage in overtly affectionate behaviour. *Insert gag here.* However, I hold true to the fact that Valentine's Day is a day to pamper your loved ones, and it's a good excuse to pamper the person I love the most-ME! Wait, did that sound narcissistic? I'm really not, but let's be honest- if you don't love yourself, then no one else will appreciate you for who you are. So single ladies (and taken ladies), take this day to pamper yourself with a little something special! I found my four top picks from a new-to-me store called Ruche. They have a section entitled "Shop L'Amour" which I think is darling.

I would love to have that mug to drink my morning coffee out of, and I adore accessories! I can never get enough! What about you, do you practice a little self-love on Valentine's Day, single or not? Or am I the only one? 
Until tomorrow, my lovelies xo

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