Tuesday, January 3, 2012

oh the weather outside is frightful....

... but you can still look delightful. The holiday season has passed, but that hasn't stopped the blustery wind and snow from coming our way. In fact, we had an unusually balmy Christmas and New Years. Our first major snowstorm on January 3rd in this neck of the woods is better than normal, so I'm not complaining (even after just spending an hour outside shovelling). I basically rolled out of bed with my fuzzy hair, glasses and comfy clothes and threw on mitts, a hat, boots and a coat. But because I live in town, I had to see many people whilst outside *and when I say many, I mean like a car every few seconds and people walking by me upclose. So, this got me thinking, how does one pull off a cute wintery warm look without a) looking like an abominable snowman, and b) freezing your a$$ off?

Fur or faux-fur always looks chic. This lady effortlessly masters layering to stay cozy. 
This quilted coat looks toasty, and her chunky knit scarf keeps her neck warm.  If she zipped up her coat, she would stay W-A-R-M! 
These coats utilize fur around the neck to stay warm as well, and negates the need for a scarf. Notice the belt to emphasize her waist? That's one of my favourite tricks to look chic and feminine while staying warm. 
I adore the colour scheme of these coats. She looks chic and warm! In my experience, unless there is a sheet of ice, there's no excuse to not wear a boot with a heel. It elongates your leg and also puts you a few inches above the snow! 
It's not hard to look cute and stay warm during the winter months. As long as you find the perfect coat (preferably belted) and pick cute accessories (hat, mittens/gloves, boots, and an array of scarves) you'll be WCW (winter-chic-warm). Yes, I just made up that acronym.

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