Thursday, March 24, 2011

Smitten with Soap

Something I've had bookmarked for awhile is Olivier Soaps. Founded in 1996 by Isabel Gagne and her husband Pierre Pelletier in Ste-Anne-de-Kent New Brunswick, their soaps are created from a natural process which includes hand-making, hand-cutting and hand-packaging the products. Ingredients in their products include cold pressed olive oil (from Italy), cocoa butter (from the Ivory Coast), beeswax, water, pure essential oils, herbs and flowers. Their obvious care and dedication to the quality of their products their customers receive has won them numerous awards and the ability to open a new branch in Moncton.
Front page of their catalogue found here

Below are some of the prettiest soaps I've ever seen. They are very reasonably priced as well, when you think about the hard work that goes into making them! 
1. Anise       $8.95
2. Blueberry $7.95
3. Chocolate $7.95
4. Citrus Mint $7.95
  5. Green Apple $7.95
6. Honey        $5.95
7. Peppermint  $7.95
8. Raspberry   $4.95
9. Vanilla     $6.95

I want this set, it looks so luxe. 
Olivier doesn't just have soap, they have lotions, shampoos, conditioners and other beauty potions and balms to satisfy everyone's needs. Give them a browse and indulge yourself (share with me?) 
Until later, lovelies xo 

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