Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celeb Fashion Sundays!

For today's "Celeb Fashion Sunday" I thought I would change it up just a little bit, just to keep things interesting, ya know? Instead of focussing on one celebrity, I decided to include a bunch of celebs wearing the same trend. Celeb Fashion Sunday nonetheless, but with a twist. 

A big trend for 2011 is the return of wide-legged denim, or "flared" denim. What I'm noticing with this trend is that they are also usually accompanied with a higher waist. This look cannot be successfully achieved by everyone. If you're super short, make sure that the flare on the leg is not too prominent or you will look overwhelmed. Wear this denim with a heel. It's a must- otherwise, your leg ling will look stumpy and your jeans will not look good (See below for evidence on this). If you have a tummy pooch, approach this trend with caution. You can wear it, but if the jeans are high waisted and you tuck in your shirt, expect people to ask "When's the baby due?"...and we don't want that, friends. Here are some celebs who do it oh-so-right:

Kate Moss is a twig, but she looks good in these jeans. In fact, if you are super slim and tall, wide leg jeans can add some bulk/proportion to your frame. Make sure that you define your waist, like Kate does. You still want a feminine shape! And of course, wear heels.
NO idea who this is, but she looks fab. The jeans fit perfectly, and paired with a simple white blouse and minimal accessories make the jeans the star of the show. Love!
(Images 2&3)
I think Ashley could have had these jeans tailored a little bit, so that there wasn't a mound of fabric trailing on the floor. However, her look as a whole is another example of how to wear this trend fashionably! 
Oh mama. I might despise her new song (click here for a listen), but I adore this look. Her jeans fit her perfectly, she wears a heel, defines her waist and shows a bit of cleve. Perfect!
 I think this is a cute look, but again maybe hem the jeans a little bit. 
Leave it to Olivia Palermo to flawlessly pull off this look. She wears a chunkier heel with a loose sweater, but the sweater band still creates a sense of a waistline. So casual, but so perfect. 

Of course, this look can easily turn from HOT to HOT MESS in 3.5 seconds. The look we're going for ladies, is still streamlined. You need to find a pair that fit you well in the waist and hug your curves. What we don't want is for you to look like you're about to take flight with your next step. Or that your pants are going to fall down- your crotch is not at your knees. Unfortunately for these ladies, they missed the mark wearing over-sized, ill-fitted and sloppy wide leg jeans. 

Image found here
Katherine Heigl, why are you wearing flip flops with ill-fitting jeans? You look like a homeless person. Katie Holmes, you almost have it! ALMOST. It looks like your jeans are trying to escape your body, and it looks like your crotch is mid-thigh. Eva Mendes, I know why you're so serious in this picture. You realize your horrible fashion mistake and are regretting it terribly. These jeans are so wrong, in so many ways, and paired with an ill-fitting blazer makes you look about 20 pounds larger than you actually are. 

So let's recap on the necessities of wearing wide-leg denim this year:
1) pair with a heel- the hem should just skim the floor, not pool on the floor
2) make sure the jeans fit you perfectly- have them tailored if need be!
3) create a waistline by wearing a belt, or tucking in your high-waisted jeans
4) show off your assets with a V-neck top
5) Have confidence! After all, you can rock any look as long as you feel comfortable in your own skin

And there you are, my lovelies! My take on the wide-legged denim trend this spring! Until later, xo

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