Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Bachelor Finale- Ring!

Brad proposed to Emily (yay!) in one of the most romantic finales of the Bachelor ever! I fully admit to tearing up and (not so) secretly wishing I could find loooove like that! Of course, my eye was focussed on the diamond. Holy rock! So I did some investigating of Neil Lane diamonds and they are extraordinary. 
Serious eye candy (I'm talking about the ring, not Brad)
 1 3/4 ct $5199.99 USD
1 1/5 ct $3899 USD

 1 1/8 ct $3379.99 USD
5/8 ct $2299.99 USD 
Dear Future Husband, any of these four will suffice, so please don't feel pressured... you've been forewarned. 

(Bachelor photos from here/ring photos from here)

March 15: ADDITION! People Magazine did an exclusive on Emily's ring.
image from here

3 carat platinum ring accented with 263 round brilliant-cut diamonds and $50,000?! It must be love!!
 Check out the full article here.  

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