Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Southern Life... feat. Country Kitchens

Everyone who knows me will not dispute the fact that I have a certain affinity towards country livin'. My ultimate dream, of course, is to live in the South, with my cowboy husband, and greet visitors on my front porch with a big ole jug of sweet tea. All while saying "hey y'all" of course. 

These are a few of the swoon-worthy kitchens that I hope will be brought to life in my future southern home...
Rustic, worn cupboards with feminine touches like flowers, wallpaper and a valence are just what the doctor ordered. Someone has to whip a cowboy's place into shape, right? 
This gigantic inset farmhouse sink is my kitchen dream. It just screams country!
This kitchen is straight outta the 50s. Can you picture those curtains ruffling in the light, Southern breeze? I can!
An eclectic mixture of new and old kitchenware. Hopefully hand-me-downs from my cowboy's grandma. Tradition is all part of country livin', if you ask me.
Charming breakfast nook, suitable for Sunday breakfast with my cowboy husband. 
The view out this window, will of course, be of our sprawling Texan ranch.

Siigghhh... A girl can get really swept away in her fantasy life... My country kitchen will be the heart of my home, where friends and family gather, and I'm a domestic diva/superstar/creator of delicious comfort food. Cornbread, anyone?  

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