Thursday, September 1, 2011

whimsical pleasantries

I must be in a baking mood these days because I baked these beauties for my boss' birthday yesterday (A+ for alliteration). The cupcakes are from a box (holla Duncan Hines!!) but I made the icing myself. Don't ask me how, because it was a little of this, a little of that until the right consistency was achieved. Just use lots of icing sugar, some butter, vanilla extract and splashes of milk/cream. 

I had the most fun creating these darling designs. Take a peek:

Flowers because we work at a garden centre. 
Because her name starts with an "N."
Because her favourite colour is green.
Because I love this pattern. It would be super cool for halloween decorating with orange and black!
I'm adoring this green and pink colour scheme. How sweet would it be for a little girl's birthday party? Hmm... I have a niece who will be turning 2 in October. I might have to whip these up again! 

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