Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm crying

image from Kirschwasser via
I think I jinxed Spring. I take back all I said yesterday about stopping to stare at the budding flowers and basking in the sunshine. And those birds? Yeah, instead of them chirping happily this morning, they were screeching with dismay. In fact, I did not skip merrily along this morning to school, I rather drudged my way gloomily to my destination. Why is this you may ask? Well, my friends, THIS is why all Spring rejoicing has been put to a halt:

Yes, that's right. Snow. Mother nature has decided to play a nasty trick on me. This picture was taken this morning looking outside my window. Oh snow. It's a sad, sad day! I am trying to be optimistic, so hopefully the snow melts quickly. Until then, I will just keep looking at the post I wrote yesterday to cheer myself up with all things spring! 

Stay tuned for a post later on about my outfit today!

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