Thursday, February 17, 2011

Packin' Up!!

I'm packing up for my University's reading week. I seriously hate packing, but it seems that I've become quite the professional at it these past four years, moving back and forth between my University "home" and my family home. 

My current luggage is very well loved and I'm in the market for a new (and more chic) set. Here are some of the favourites I came across...

Chanel in white! My favourite! {image} 
This Coach one is a close second favourite. I like this one because I have a handbag circa 2008 that is quite similar! {image}
Traveler's Choice Freedom II Hardside would be really durable and practical, and cute in pink! 
Love the shape and structure of these babies from Streamline Luggage. They are so timeless and chic!

This set would certainly give travelling a cheery punch, and you'd never have to worry about losing them!

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